Floor Studio NDSM is the result of my passion for floor design in combination with a change in my professional life.

My name is Salomé Silva, I am the founder of Floor Studio NDSM.

For years I worked in the fashion industry but felt that it was time to follow a different path. I always had a general passion for all types of design, I knew that leaving fashion would not be the end of my creative life.

My father’s carpentry and love of crafts influenced me heavily – as child, I would spend the summers with him working on a variety of projects and I believe that this is the reason that I grew to love and respect all aspects of design. For me, the craftsmanship, devotion and creativity are so inspiring.

Therefore, I came to start Floor Studio NDSM, dedicating my creative mind to the floor design. Step by step, the company grew up, and now we sell floors and walls, but also furniture, decoration, lamps...

The long-term idea of the studio is to offer not only flooring but also a dynamic workspace to bring together other creative areas – for example, craft workshops, yoga sessions, just to name a few.

At Floor Studio NDSM, we are a little crew – me, and my 3 dogs! We will be very happy to meet you!