How nice it would be to go to the beach out of season!

The sea in autumn, a landscape with different colours to those that we are used to seeing, the solitary peace of certain places, and sensations far from the clamour of summer nights. Domenica (Sunday in Italian) is a container of shapes and figures in six dusty colour shades: Plaster, Sand, Brick, Earth, Night, and Sage. Five different interpretations on the theme in the decorative field: from the random geometry of Sun to the straw-covered theme of Torsion; from the patterned fabric Check to the glass material of Glass, to finish with a play on shades in Binary.

A wealth of expressions and the possibility to interpret one’s own Sunday at sea. Just chilling and nothing else to do!


Tile dimensions: 20x20cm and 10x20cm, depending of the tile's shape.

Thickness: 10mm

Finish: matt

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